The BUSINESSTUTORSHIP step-by-step guide is the only e-book you'll need to read this year to start growing your account and making money with Instagram.

I've put in a lot of long hours into this book to deliver the most comprehensive guide to success on Instagram.

Within the e-book, I go into every single strategy, tip and trick I used to grow my account to over 140K followers in 6 months.

Since starting my account in August 2018, I've been able to make over $8,000 and so can you. Anyone can. In fact, I'm just getting started, the profit potential is endless with the strategies I teach. You could make $100 a month or $5,000 a month, all depending on the effort you put in. This money I've made has truly made a difference in my life and I know extra cash every month could be a life-changer for many people.

Social-media is the opportunity of a lifetime. We're currently living in the 'Golden Era' where people's attention is everything. I want to help YOU capitalize on this. I believe that the importance of taking action NOW is crucial as this opportunity won't be around forever.

What's included?

Every single tip, trick & strategy I used to skyrocket my Instagram Growth

9 detailed monetization strategies including the exact methods I use to pull in over $1,000 every single month

In-depth walkthroughs on company partnerships, building email lists, affiliate marketing, setting up a Shopify store, blogging, leveraging your page, coaching calls and much more!

A bonus section including my personal top tips on building a real community and loyal following

Step-by-step guide to content creating and sourcing, setting up your page and it's layout, niche picking, over 7 growth strategies including my best advice to beat the algorithm, engagement groups and networks, shout-out picking, Instagram stories, hashtag selection and much more!

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