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Instagram Growth: The 'repeat customer' method

For my first blog post I thought I'd stick to a topic I feel fairly comfortable speaking on - Instagram growth. Specifically a simple trick I still use to this day to ensure my audience growth stays climbing up. It's fairly simple and maybe that's why I've never seen it talked about before. I have personally named it the 'repeat customer' method but it's up for interpretation.

If you've been with me or have been following my account (@Businesstutorship) for a while now, you'll see my growth has been pretty consistent throughout. You also may have noticed I speak on Instagram and social media a lot, and for good reason. It's essentially the modern day gold rush.

I get hundreds of messages a week and a good proportion of those are people looking for advice on growing their accounts. They generally think there is some massive paid secret or special trick. Sure, I'm a huge advocate of some paid engagement groups and I think paid shout-outs can even be effective, especially when starting an account from scratch. But, the actually way to win on social-media and to get yourself out there, is to be social. Seems too simple right?

In theory, it is. It's very simple. But don't be fooled, it's definitely time consuming. I am a huge pusher of Gary Vaynerchuck's $1.80 strategy. I dedicated a whole section to it in my e-book and if you haven't researched the strategy yet, do so. It's all about genuinely engaging with other's content in the hopes of building relationships and getting return engagement to your account - All while establishing your account in your chosen niche. I do a form of this everyday on Instagram with my own account. After every single post, I dedicate an hour daily to reply to all my comments, return my comments and actively seek out accounts in my niche through the comment section of other's posts to engage with their content. This has literally built up a roster of active accounts who repeatedly comment on my posts within the first hour of posting, knowing that I will do the exact same for them. The best part is that my roster of 'repeat customers' is growing everyday as I'm actively commenting and engaging with multiple new accounts a day. I've done this every day for the past 6 months (on top of the other hours I spend replying to DM's, companies etc.) and it's allowed nearly all my posts to perform well. At the start of my account I did a version of this twice a day. Consistency with this will pay off. You'll build real connections on the platform and boost your posts - It's a win-win.

So if you've tried everything else to grow your account, really give this a shot. Everyday, after you post, dedicate an hour out of your day to reply, return and actively seek new accounts to build your roster of 'repeat customers'.

If you're looking for my full detailed methods on both Instagram growth and monetization, then check out my full Growth & Monetization e-book. This goes in-depth on everything I do to grow and make money using Instagram.

If you have an questions feel free to DM me on Instagram - @Businesstutorship

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